Health and Safety Management

Island Steel UK Ltd intends to provide safe and healthy working conditions for it’s employees and to ensure that it’s activities do not adversely affect the health or safety or employees or others. This is an integral part of our business and has equal status to other aspects of business performance.

As with other aspects of our business we are committed to achieving high levels of occupational health and safety performance. Compliance with legal requirements is the minimum acceptable standard and we are committed to progressive, cost effective improvement.

Island Steel UK Ltd will review this policy at least annually, revise it as often as is appropriate and will set and publish specific health and safety objectives.

Appropriate financial and physical resources will be provided to implement the policy.

The management of health and safety is a prime responsibility of managers at all levels but the objectives of this policy can only be achieved with the support and commitment of all employees. Compliance with the policy is a condition of employment.

In order to gain the full commitment of employees, Island Steel UK Ltd will ensure that:

  • Employees

    Employees or their representatives are involved and consulted on matters of health and safety.

  • Specific Responsibilities

    All employees at all levels are aware of their general and specific responsibilities for health and safety.

  • Information and Training

    All employees at all levels receive appropriate information and training and are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities.

  • Expert Advice

    Expert advice will be obtained where necessary to determine the risks to health and safety within the establishment and the precautions required.

  • Duties and Responsibilities

    Duties and responsibilities for matters of health and safety and risk control systems for the implementation of the policy are set out in our health and safety management system.

  • Adequacy and Effectiveness

    Island Steel UK Ltd will ensure that this policy and it’s objectives are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organisation. This will be achieved by the progressive development of health and safety management systems and by the periodic auditing of those systems to ensure their adequacy and effectiveness.

ISO 45001:2018 & NEBOSH (Please click for a copy of our current certificate)