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Our Facilities

Island Steel UK Ltd is able to supply steel in coil and sheet form to most specifications. As a major importer of steel into the UK we are able to provide not only competitive pricing and availability but often, we can cater for customers requiring more unusually specified materials.


In addition to supply of materials, a hire processing service is offered to our customers. Materials may be held and processed for customers as required and our close ties with local, national and international haulage businesses mean we can provide transport for materials throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our facilities at Island Steel UK Ltd include a 52 tonne rated, ministry approved and calibrated public weighbridge at the dockside.

Within the factory we have two weighing platforms calibrated up to 30 tonnes with linked print systems to assist in more accurate stock control.

We have 8 over-head gantry cranes enabling us to manoeuvre weights of up to 32 tonnes.

Slitting Line One

Gauge: 0.3mm – 6.0mm
Maximum Width: 1830mm
Slit Widths: 25mm – 1830mm
Maximum OD: 2080mm
Capacity: 28 Tonnes On & Off
Max Cuts
50 in 0.5mm
36 in 2.5mm
30 in 3.0mm
10 in 6.0mm

Slitting Line Two

Gauge: 0.5mm – 4.0mm
Maximum Width: 1525mm
Slit Widths: 28mm – 1500mm
Maximum OD: 1828mm
Capacity: 21 Tonnes On & Off
Max Cuts
23 in 0.5mm
18 in 2.5mm
10 in 3.0mm
4 in 4.0mm

Narrow Slitting Line

Gauge: 0.5mm – 3.0mm
Maximum Width: 450mm
Slit Widths: 11mm – 450mm
Maximum OD: 1828mm
Capacity: 3 Tonnes On & 27 Off

Max Thickness: 4.2mm

Cut To Length Line

Gauge: 0.4mm – 2.5mm
Width Range: 400mm – 1300mm
Maximum Length: 4200mm
Capacity: 12 Tonnes On & Off

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